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More About CoCo.

I first learned CoCo in the 1980s, practiced for a few years, then moved away from that area and did not take up with a local group.  40 years later when Covid hit and our world was turned upside-down I realized how everyone around me was like a powder keg of emotions without resources.  So I searched for new opportunities and was delighted to find CoCo was now available online.  I jumped in, re-learned and learned more, and became a facilitator.  PS. As a peer group there is no hierarchy, so I prefer to be known as a facilitator of peer learning groups rather than a teacher of classes.  I provide the information that will facilitate your opportunity to learn, the rest is up to you!

Peer Learning Groups

CCI is an abbreviation for

Co-Counseling International

You may visit CCI-USA or CCI-UK or CoCo Info (Europe)

Please keep in mind that CCI is not a for-profit venture, it is a network of self-supporting communities, so our online presence is all volunteer-based.

Fundamentals Part 1

8 hours group learning time plus practice sessions.


Part 1 will cover the basic skills of listening and getting in touch with our emotions.  This is the ideal entry point for people who want to become more self-aware and build empathy by supporting others in their own growth.

Fundamentals Part 2

24 hours group learning time plus practice sessions.


Part 2 takes us deeper into behaviors and patterns that no longer serve us.  By tapping into our own emotions we are able to create a new path for ourselves in all aspects of life.

Scholarships and barter/skills exchange are also available, please let me know if money is the only thing holding you back. 


You may also take each class a second time with me without extra cost.

Ready to get started?  I build class schedules around participants' availability.  Click on "Join Us" to the left and you will be taken to a form that will ask for your available days and times and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  OR you can reach out to me by using the contact form below.

There will be the option of weekday groups of 2 hours each or weekend groups of 4 hours each.

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