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Workplace Coach and Manager Trainer

For many years I have been helping businesses and individuals navigate the challenges that life brings, helping them get unstuck from outdated beliefs and moving into and through positive change. Are you facing challenges in your life, career, or business?


Partnership-based approach

Support That Makes a Difference

I work with my clients to get from point A to point Be.  Like a GPS system, never losing sight of your destination but always getting around traffic and road blocks.  Sometimes its the scenic route, sometimes it is the highway.  The journey is the coaching process.

I utilize three coaching styles:

Co-Active Coaching, we are partners on a journey together - you drive, I navigate, we are in this together!

mBraining, helping you to understand why you don't do something if your heart is not in it, or

saying yes to something because your gut said, let's do this!

Laughter Coaching - yes, I use laughter and other forms of emotional catharsis to help my clients release blocked emotional energy in order to see themselves more clearly.

Often I combine all three.

My coaching approach, building on many years of experience as a manager and HR professional, is based in both Co-Active and mBraining coaching styles.  

Sat on the Rocks

Individual Coaching

Take charge of your life!  What would you change if you could?  Where will you start?  What might life look like afterwards?  You are in the driver's seat, I am right beside you.  Where will we go today?


Workplace Coaching

The workplace has become a whole lot more complex over recent years and high performing executives have been working with executive coaches to navigate their way.  Coaching is now available for everyone in the workplace, at all levels.  Whether you are looking to grow your career, navigate difficult situations, or learn to be a better people manager, I am with you!


For 20+ years I learned how not to manage people.  I had no guide to help me.  I graduated from the "school of hard knocks".  Then I spent another 20+ years in human resources, partnering with managers to navigate their employee problems.  My passion is for developing managers who invest in their teams, and who want to become mentors, as I have.  To me this is true leadership.

Whatever you’re facing, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

Meditation by the sea

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

Bicycle Against a Red Wall

What makes me, me?

Helping You Move Forward

I have taken the “one door opens when another one closes” philosophy to heart throughout my life and have achieved success in 3 careers: managing real estate investments, as a human resources leader, and now as a workplace coach and consultant. 

I am an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a certified mBIT coach.  These styles are based in emotional intelligence, and on the innate wisdom you already have!


I love change!  Are you ready for some change in your life?  Let’s have a conversation. I’d love to know what challenges you are facing and how I can help you.


My passion is to help people find their passion in life, at work, and in all their relationships.

Wendy Bruce, CPCC, PCC, Certified mBIT Coach


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What do clients say about me?

Happy Clients

I don’t know where to begin...Wendy is an amazing business coach. I knew from the time we met she was a person of value that would add so much value to my life and she has! As a client I enjoyed high quality coaching calls that really allowed me to grow to be a better leader and business owner. After our sessions I would walk away feeling more clear and focused on what I was overwhelmed and/or unclear about. I’m definitely a more successful business owner today by investing in my personal growth with Wendy’s services, she is a gifted and highly skilled coach who really enjoys seeing her clients transform and reach their full potential. Thanks Wendy for being who you are ❤️

Deanna Hurn
Director of Education

Working with Wendy was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, foremost, and helped me and our group identify the challenges we were having. The difference maker was that she knew how to help us address these issues in a methodical way, and showed us the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally. You can read it all in books, but Wendy can help you put it to practice.

Anatoliy Avrutin,
Manager, Project Management in Technology

Wendy is an amazingly powerful coach! She created such insight and learning for me every session. I experienced incredible growth and attained the goals I had set for myself with her support in just a few months! Highly recommend her as a coach!! A real game changing relationship for me.

Shelly-Anne McKay 

Consultant and Producer