• Wendy Bruce, ACC, CPCC

This is real, now!!!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Wow, it has taken me a while, to not only author, but also beta test my manager development program. I am honored by the feedback that my beta testers and corporate clients have provided over the last couple of years. Here is the program!

Please! Learn from my mistakes without reinventing them. Learn to invest your time, rather than spend or waste your time with your direct reports. Learn how to find fulfillment in your manager role rather than simply getting things done. Leadership is not measured by meeting deadlines, it is measured by motivating people to obliterate deadlines.

I once had a co-worker who always seemed to be hosting barbecues, participating in "wine time" or otherwise enjoying himself, while I was working my tail off and constantly was on call. I didn't understand at the time that his words to me "I don't work with my direct reports, I invest in them" didn't seem to have tangible benefits at that time. What I now see that was incredibly valuable, was "invest in your people". Today I enjoy the rewards of investing my time rather than spending...or wasting my time. Thank you Jack!

Consider this program. Enhance your learning by adding some individualized coaching (details when you sign up, or contact me at

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