• Wendy Bruce, ACC, CPCC

June 2021 - Special deal

I am celebrating this opportunity to reach the many, rather than a few. I spent 20+ years as a manager with no training, no coaching, no mentoring and I developed a litany of regrets. My default style was one of demanding, demeaning, and demotivating. I just didn't know any different. Then I moved into human resources, and working with managers I was empowered to say..."no, not like that, try this!" Based on experience. So here I am, many years later, telling you what joy I receive today from my clients and mentees who see me as a springboard to achievement not a yoke to hold them back.

For June 2021 you can sign up for my manager development program at an introductory price of $145. Ultimate price to be based on demand. You will have access to these 10 modules, delivered every week, for a year. Stay tuned for more info or join me on Facebook here.

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